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My name is Chuck and I'll be your host on your visit to my page. This is my second try at doing a web page since my first one got dumped by a computer glitch. Oops. Wasn't my fault, I swear. Let me introduce you to the rest of the gang. My wife of alomst 16 years is Kim, my 13 year old son and cohort in crime is Jeremy, and my 9 year old princess is Ashley. We currently live in Tacoma Washington and if I had it my way we'd stay. But I may be overruled, ya never know. I've been in the Air Force for almost 16 years and have seen quite a bit of the world. In fact, I just returned from a glorious 4 month vacation in Tuzla, Bosnia-Herzegovina. If you forget about the Flak jacket, helmet, weapon, war torn buildings, sleeping in tents, living with Army guys and the occasional gunshot, it wasn't a bad trip. My job over there consisted of loading and unloading cargo from airplanes with the engines running. Kinda loud and smoky but a real rush. As of right now I work in the Aerial Delivery Flight. What does that mean you may ask. I prepare stuff to fall out of the back of an airplane. I also recover the crap the zipper suited sun gods drop. It's tough work but one heck of a good time. It's a good feeling to see something that you worked on land safely on the ground after falling about 1200 feet. Each airdrop load has about 200 knots in it and I can rig 7 loads a day, imagine how many knots I tie each day. That's not including the ones we tie when we repack the parachutes. There are about 60 knots on each of those. Will add some pics once I get my didgital camera.
What you see here is a pic of me sitting in my truck and my buddy getting a laugh at my expense. This was taken at one of many 4 wheeling spots we frequent. I went into this hole at about 30 mph when for some reason the truck came to a complete stop. Might have been from the wall of mud I was pushing in front of me. Kinda hard to move a mountain, but hey, you gotta try. Once I get off my butt and get my film developed, I'll add more pictures of me and my friends acting like kids. I currently drive a 79' F150 Custom with a factory 2 inch lift and small 32 inch tires. I have a 4 inch suspension lift I'll be adding shortly then put bigger meats on it. The powerplant (351M) is a little on the tired side but is due for a swap real quick. Hope to add quite a few extra ponies in the process. Then body and paint work will come eventually. Of course the nice weather is coming soon and if I'm not at work or playing with my rig, I'll be out in the boat trying to catch a lunker. I spent almost every weekend out fishing last year and was told if I want to do the same amount this year I better take the whole family. I guess I should and stay in the good graces of Kim because hunting season is right behind. I figure if I take them fishing, my kitchen pass for hunting season should be good.

A bit of an update. Got rid of the '79 and got a '97 F150. Haven't done much to it, YET. Planning on a 4 inch suspension lift and some 35's. Once the lift is in place, the winch bumper and all the other toys that go with it will be added. Of course the '97 will be mostly for show but bet your butt it will see some action. Also planning on getting my hands on an early '70's 250 to build into a play toy/ work truck. Gotta have something to beat the heck out of.
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